The best part of working with Julienne was getting things checked off my list and expanding my knowledge. I am confident I can grow my business now. She has been a huge help and streamlined my workflow. I want to ask her: can you clone yourself?
— Becky,

Julienne was cooperative, friendly, capable, flexible and straightforward. The process of working together was great, and I would recommend her to others.
— Lisa,

Julienne is incredibly organized and very quick. She did what she said she was going to do and she followed through in a timely manner. It’s the reason I will have her work on projects for me over and over again.
— Ildi,

The Skype chat prior to working together was helpful! I would recommend your Vacation Coverage package. This is a great service that many entrepreneurs could benefit from!
— Kendra,

Passing things off to other people will always be hard for me. But Julienne made it so easy to trust her and I felt like she cared about my business as much as I do. I would recommend her to other solopreneurs because she’s very good at what she does!
— Jill,