All About Tags & Categories - For the Squarespace Blogger

The first time I tried to delete a tag from my Squarespace blog, I had a hard time finding where I could edit. 

I knew that the main list of tags and categories was in my blog settings, but when I opened it I was stumped. I didn't see a delete button at first. (Total user error & I'll explain more about that in a minute!)

Before I show you that - let's back up & talk about what tags & categories actually are!

I know it can feel a little confusing at first. I've definitely had clients ask me how to optimize the two because they seem so similar at first glance.

Here's a basic rule-of-thumb I always share to try and help make a distinction:

Tags are the details of your post.

Meaning, posts should fit into 1 or 2 of your Categories; but may have have many Tags

(For example, here's a post I wrote about how I use Google Sheets for organization. My categories for this post are broad concepts, like Tools. But the tags are very specific - like Twitter and affiliates.)

Now that we've talked about how to use them properly, you may want to make a few changes to the Tags & Categories you already have set up. So let's get to how to edit!

You probably know that you can add tags & categories inside of an individual blog post. Like this:


When you click the plus signs adjacent to Tags and Categories, you'll see 2 things:

Under Tags, you can type in the applicable tags. When you click the plus symbol next to Categories, you'll see a drop-down menu that will allow  you to, either: 1) choose an existing category; 2) create a new category. 

But if (and when) you want to delete or edit - you'll need to head over your main blog settings screen.

To get there, you will click Pages inside your dashboard. And then open your Blog. Near the top, you'll see a gear icon, like this:


Clicking the gear will open your blog settings. You'll want to choose the Advanced tab near the top of the window.

This is where the 'user error' I mentioned before comes into play.

When you click on a Category (or Tag) you want to change, you'll notice it turns red - just like Tools below. When you click it, the options Rename and Remove will appear at the bottom:


Just type in your new name and you're all set! (When I first was looking, I made the mistake of quickly closing this screen without clicking anything!) :)

One last thing -

Pro Tip: If you select 2 options, like Tools and Virtual Assistants below, you'll see the option to Merge them!

This works for Tags and Categories. And merging operates just like the renaming that we talked about before. Just type in your new name & you will have merged all the posts previously categorized for those two tags or categories! 

I hope these quick tips help you better organize your blog and optimize your posts for search!

(P.S.: Squarespace has a character limit for both categories and tags! 80 for categories & 25 for tags.)

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