How to create a ConvertKit broadcast from an RSS Feed

Lately, I've surprised a few of my clients by telling them about this lesser-known ConvertKit feature. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely a nice feature that I think is underutilized. You can add your RSS feed to your ConvertKit account, and create broadcasts with the content of your latest blog posts. This would be great for you if: You're struggling to keep up with creating regular content. Sending one of your blog posts from the week might be a really great compromise.

How I Back Up My Squarespace Site

When I mention that I'm a fan of Squarespace, I often hear 2 concerns:

"You don't own your content" and "If the site goes down, you lose all your work."

Unfortunately, there is a little confusion in those 2 statements, so I want to talk about them. 

4 Ways to Add a Notification Bar to Your Website

Notification Bars. What are they & why do you need one?

A notification bar is an opt-in reminder that sits at the top of your website:

  1. They give you an obvious (and non-pushy way) to tell visitors about a product or service your promoting.
  2. Plus, they are an easy way for folks to just type in their email and get your content delivered to their inbox. 

If you'd like to add a bar to your site, but aren't sure how - here are 4 easy (+ free!) options for you: