How to Participate in a Twitter Chat

I run a weekly Twitter Chat with my pal, Jill, from Spark and Influence. We have a ton of fun on the chats, and we've talked about everything from solopreneur finances to dealing with imposter syndrome. 

There are 2 questions, though, that we hear a lot: 1. "How do you participate? I'm not sure what to do!" 2. "Do you use any tools to manage it all? The chats go too fast for me! I can't keep up!"

5 Ways I Use Google Sheets to Organize My Biz

I'm having a love affair with Google Sheets right now. (+ Google Docs!)

I've recently switched a lot of my biz records over to the cloud via Sheets & Docs. It's been a lifesaver for organization. (I know some of you can relate to that crazy desktop, overloaded with a ton of files, right?)