That time I lost $1000+ in monthly recurring revenue overnight (And what I did about it!)

In the middle of last year, I had the perfect storm. There I was, working away like normal. Until the emails started rolling in...a few clients needed to stop or pause retainers for one reason or another. (Like: they lost a huge client themselves and were forced to decrease expenses. Um...That means me.) Over the course of a few days, I lost about $1000 in monthly recurring income.

3 Reasons I Always Track Time - Even on Retainers

I had a conversation the other day about tracking time on client projects.  

Some of the folks I was chatting with shared that they stopped tracking time when they started retainer agreements with their clients. And several of them were surprised to learn that I track for every project I work on. 

"Baby Proofing" Lesson 1: Retainers

In my last post, I promised that I would share how I am prepping my biz for my baby.

I'm here with my first update on how I decide to tackle this big change that's coming.

I decided to switch my business model.