That time I lost $1000+ in monthly recurring revenue overnight (And what I did about it!)

In the middle of last year, I had the perfect storm. There I was, working away like normal. Until the emails started rolling in...a few clients needed to stop or pause retainers for one reason or another. (Like: they lost a huge client themselves and were forced to decrease expenses. Um...That means me.) Over the course of a few days, I lost about $1000 in monthly recurring income.

4 Affordable Ways to Thank Your Clients

December tends to be that time of year when we take extra steps to acknowledge the special people in our lives.

But who says who can't do that all year long?!

Saying thanks will obviously show your gratitude for their business. Not only that, though, a small token can go a long way towards making your clients feel great after working with you.  (And that's what we really want, right?!)