Plans + Things Planner Review (+ Giveaway!) [CLOSED]

Lately I've been on a productivity purge. I've been getting rid of the tools that weren't serving me as much anymore, and moving to new systems. Systems thoughtfully designed to work with me, not against me. 

Spoiler alert: I've finally found the planner I've been looking for.

Over the last few months, I've made a lot of changes. I've switched project management systems (more on that later), and I've overhauled how I keep my to do list going. 

My Productivity "Secret Weapon"

Be honest. Sometimes it's hard to keep focused when you work alone.

Distractions a-plenty: Twitter. Candy Crush. Dance Party. (You know you do.)

Because of that, I try really hard to keep myself on task. I set timers, I plan my workday the night before AND...I block out the noise...Well, not quite. That's just what I thought I was doing.