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How to Change Your Squarespace Template

This video is coming from a couple of requests I've received lately. Squarespace gives so many template options that it can feel overwhelming sometimes. So if you're one of those people who isn't quite happy with the template you're using now on Squarespace, but you're just not sure which one to move to – this is the video for you. In this 13 minute video, I will walk you through this step-by-step process I take my clients through.

How I Find My Clients (a 3-year lead analysis)

The other day, I asked my Facebook Group members what they were struggling with. Overwhelmingly the answer was finding clients. So I starting thinking about the tactical advice I could share. Advice about: inbound marketing, client onboarding systems, and client retention strategies. And then I thought, hold on. Let me take a step back and show in real numbers where my clients come from. Here's a quick background on my business...

How to create a pretty email signature

This is a question I get all the time from clients. "How do I get a cute email signature like yours?" Now I use Wisestamp for my signature, but it has a monthly fee associated with it. Even though I'm a huge fan, the ROI on that just isn't there for some of my clients. So I have 2 free suggestions that I share in the video below. You can either create something simple inside the settings of your Gmail account - or you can use Hubspot's free email signature generator and paste it in. I walk you through all 3 of those options in the video, and share with you why you need to be on AppSumo's email list today! 

How to send contracts to clients for electronic signature (for free!)

You just finished your intro call with a new client. They want you to send over an invoice and a contract for a quick esignature. You agree, and once you hang up, the panic sets in. "How do I do that??"

A few years ago, as a new freelancer, I had this exact experience. When I first got started, I made the grave error of working without contracts. (Don't do this.)

Free Workbook & 5 Tips for Introverts Who Want a Thriving Business

For a long time, I let fear stop me from starting my own business. 

I often would lament this to my husband. I'd say that I knew I could be great at owning my own biz. And thought I knew what services I wanted to offer. (More on that in a minute.)

But, for a long time, I was stuck on the fact that I was too introverted to sell myself. So I ultimately thought I wasn't cut out to do it. 

What if the Gilmore girls characters were your clients?

I'm sure you're just as excited as I am for the Gilmore girls revival coming to Netflix in a few weeks, right? Like you, I’ve been rewatching my favorite episodes in preparation for the release.

As I'm moving through the seasons again, I've been repeatedly reminded that the series is just jam-packed with business lessons. Lessons I didn't realize were there until I became a solopreneur.

Why I’m Not Afraid to Talk About My Kid on Discovery Calls

Prepare yourself. I’m getting totally honest with you right now. Here it is:

A 3 year struggle with infertility was what prompted me to go full-time in my own biz. 

I was working from home for someone else, and able to spend a ton of time with my nieces and nephews. And I was like, Man - this would be cool to do with my own kid one day.

So I did it.