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How I use Flickr to store my stock photo library (and sort by tags!)

I have a serious hoarding problem. Stock photos. 

I'm always diligent to only grab photos that are copyright-free and available to use on my blog/social media. But when I find some that I love, I tend to download and save. But, over the years, that pile has just kept growing! Before I knew it, I had a library of 2k+ images and absolutely no way to find what I was looking for.

My 5 Fav Copyright-Free Image Sites! (All Free! $$)

I am asked this question every, single week. 

"Where did you find that image?" 

I need awesome images for my client work all the time. (Social media graphics, Facebook ads, Blog posts...) And I'm often asked: 1) where to get images, or 2) where I found an image I used.