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10 Apps I Use in My Business Every Day

I love talking about my favorites, and I definitely love testing the latest ones to be released. (It's a mild obsession.) Because of that, I'm often asked, by clients and other business owners, which tools I'm really loving right now for my own business. Even though it can be tough to narrow it down, I decided to focus in and share.

Here are the 10 tools that I (literally) use every day in my business: 

5 Ways I Use Google Sheets to Organize My Biz

I'm having a love affair with Google Sheets right now. (+ Google Docs!)

I've recently switched a lot of my biz records over to the cloud via Sheets & Docs. It's been a lifesaver for organization. (I know some of you can relate to that crazy desktop, overloaded with a ton of files, right?)