How I Find My Clients (a 3-year lead analysis)

The other day, I asked my Facebook Group members what they were struggling with. Overwhelmingly the answer was finding clients. So I starting thinking about the tactical advice I could share. Advice about: inbound marketing, client onboarding systems, and client retention strategies. And then I thought, hold on. Let me take a step back and show in real numbers where my clients come from. Here's a quick background on my business...

9 sites to check when you're curating content for social media

It's a problem we all face eventually. It doesn't matter if you're a social media manager, or a solopreneur, we all need to find and share other people's content. And, eventually, we've all experienced having "run out" of things in the queue. (We'll talk about the 80-20 rule another time.) For now, I'll just say - I've been there. I know you've been there at some point or another. If you're like me, you've started scrambling.

4 Facebook Pro Tips for Solopreneurs

Facebook is a huge part of my business. 

It’s consistently my biggest referrer of web traffic. And most people who fill out my Hire Form tell me they found me on Facebook. 

Well, I realized recently that I’m often asked by my biz friends (and clients!) - “how’d you do that?” So I decided it was time to share a few of my fav pro tips for FB!