Behind the scenes at Wave headquarters: Accounting tool for solopreneurs

Confession: I used to create PDF invoices in Word and email them to clients. We all have those first pancakes in business. Those things that make us cringe when we look back, but we know the experience makes us who we are today. Invoices were definitely a first pancake for me. Wave was the answer for that. I found Wave about 3 years ago, and I started using the bookkeeping side of things right away.

A Few Reasons Why I Love Wave

I'm asked a lot about what system I use for invoicing. 

I get this question often from fellow solopreneurs and virtual assistants - even from some of my clients after they see their invoices. So, I decided to finally to lay it all out there...

I use Wave. There's a lot that I love about it, but here are a few of my fav things: