3 things I learned in my first year as a mompreneur

Our sweet boy turned one year old. We had a low-key, (Mickey-themed) birthday party with our family. He had a great time seeing all of his favorite people in one room, and playing with all of his cousins! It was a wonderful day, but his birthday also marks something big for my business: I've been balancing motherhood and solopreneurship for 1 year now.

I've accomplished a lot in my life and biz, but by far I'm most proud of being a work-at-home mom.

How to create a ConvertKit broadcast from an RSS Feed

Lately, I've surprised a few of my clients by telling them about this lesser-known ConvertKit feature. It's not for everyone, but it's definitely a nice feature that I think is underutilized. You can add your RSS feed to your ConvertKit account, and create broadcasts with the content of your latest blog posts. This would be great for you if: You're struggling to keep up with creating regular content. Sending one of your blog posts from the week might be a really great compromise.

How I use Flickr to store my stock photo library (and sort by tags!)

I have a serious hoarding problem. Stock photos. 

I'm always diligent to only grab photos that are copyright-free and available to use on my blog/social media. But when I find some that I love, I tend to download and save. But, over the years, that pile has just kept growing! Before I knew it, I had a library of 2k+ images and absolutely no way to find what I was looking for.

How to Add a Related Posts Section to Your Squarespace Blog Posts

Recently, I had a post get to page 1 in Google's search results. And because of that post, I've been fielding a lot of questions about Squarespace lately. So I'm tackling another one of those questions today. How to add a related posts field to the end of your blog posts. (At the time I'm writing this post, there are only 5 Squarespace templates that include a related posts section for blogs.)

2016 in review: what worked and where I'm headed in 2017

2016 was a really big year for my business. I took a maternity leave, became a Certified ConvertKit Expert and increased my revenue over 2015. I thought I’d tell you what worked last year, and share where I’m headed for 2017. 

But first, let me tell you how I got started - in case you’ve never heard my story: I started freelancing in late 2013 with a few, small projects.

How to customize the blog feed on the Bedford template in Squarespace

A few months ago, I started seeing a lot of activity surrounding one blog post.  All of a sudden - tons of blog comments. Emails, every week! And I even booked discovery calls from people who read the post. I found out, eventually, that the post had landed on page 1 search results in Google for search terms like "squarespace templates."

Plans + Things Planner Review (+ Giveaway!) [CLOSED]

Lately I've been on a productivity purge. I've been getting rid of the tools that weren't serving me as much anymore, and moving to new systems. Systems thoughtfully designed to work with me, not against me. 

Spoiler alert: I've finally found the planner I've been looking for.

Over the last few months, I've made a lot of changes. I've switched project management systems (more on that later), and I've overhauled how I keep my to do list going.