Thinking about Switching from MailChimp to ConvertKit? Answers here.


Early last year, I made the switch from MailChimp to ConvertKit. And I'm so happy I did.

Since switching, my open rate has increased and I've become a Certified ConvertKit Expert.

So it goes without saying that my overall experience with ConvertKit so far has been extremely positive. But I want to back up a second for a quick public service announcement.

I still think MailChimp is a great tool, and it definitely has a place in the list of options available to solopreneurs. You can grow your list pretty large (2,000 people), but still be on the free plan And it's still super affordable if you chose to pay for automation.

So don't be afraid to play smart. If your biz can't afford to upgrade yet, don't get shiny object syndrome. Use the free options available to you. There's no shame in starting small and growing sustainably. 

That said, if you're ready for advanced functionality: ConvertKit may be the right choice for you.

I found what I was looking for in ConvertKit, and here are a few things that I love the most:

1) Tagging


I looove the ConvertKit tag. Before, when I created a new content upgrade, I had to: 1. create a new list, 2. link the upgrade to that list, and 3. do regular maintenance to keep a master list, because if someone unsubscribed from list A, they were not automatically unsubscribed from list B. 

MailChimp's lists don't communicate with each other. Ugh.

On ConvertKit, we flip the script. We don't organize ourselves based on lists; we're organized based on people. You can tag people when they sign up on a certain form or landing page; tag them when they make a purchase; or tag when they finish a sequence. No regular maintenance to avoid being flagged as spam. No double checking to be sure they aren't receiving duplicate content. It's so easy.

This is one of the many reasons why I feel like CK helped me stopped seeing my list as a number, and started seeing it as a group of real people.

2) Landing Pages

Just like a lot of what ConvertKit offers, the landing pages aren't super involved or customizable on their face. But they work. And they convert. I'm seeing great results, and I don't have to pay for 2 separate tools to get the job done. When I considered that, the cost increase of moving from MailChimp was a no brainer.

Here's one of my landing pages:

3) Open Rates 

Like I said, my open rates increased after I switched to ConvertKit. (And I started receiving a few more unsubscribes in the beginning!) Let me explain - CK encourages you to build emails that look like a message from one friend to another. Sometimes people struggle with migrating to CK because, as they tell me all the time, "the emails look boring." (That's not totally accurate, b/c you can do a lot of customizing in CK if you want to. Graphics and all.) But boring can be good in this case. Less images improves the likelihood that your message will be end up in the inbox - versus Spam or the Gmail Promotions tab. (For me, that meant more eyes on my messages. Eyes that hadn't seen me in a while, and decided I was no longer for them. And we all know that connecting more deeply with our true ICA is the goal, so that wasn't a big deal.)

4) Customer Service

The customer service at ConvertKit is super responsive. The core team is really active in the ConvertKit Family FB group. And, as a Certified Expert, I'm able to take my clients' questions directly to team if we hit any hiccups I can't solve. They really make themselves available - it's great. 

5) The automation options

The automations tab in ConvertKit is seriously just packed with possibilities. You can set up automations that deliver an email sequence based on a user action, or, conversely, stop delivering based on actions, too. You can set automations up based on purchases they make, or when you add a certain tag to their profile. It's incredibly customizable.


I'm really happy with the changes I've been able to make to my email marketing after switching to ConvertKit. These are a few of my fav features, but I'd also love to hear from you. If there's a particular ConvertKit question you have that you'd like me to tackle, please drop it in the comments below and I'll do my best to get a post out about it!

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