My Secret to Streamlining My Business

I have a very streamlined client on boarding process. 

My process looks like this: 

  1. Prospective clients visit my site & decide I'm the right fit for them!
  2. They complete my hire form here on my website.
  3. After clicking submit, they are given a link to schedule a free, 30-min. discovery call with me.

So, before I ever speak with the client, the initial steps are completed. This really eliminates the back-and-forth emails that take up a lot of everyone's time. It's a huge life-saver. 

And I owe it to the eCourse Stress Less & Impress from Leah Kalamakis. 

I took this course when I finally moved from weekend hustle to full-time self-employment. And having Leah walk with me, in the form of Stress Less & Impress (and the FB group!) was invaluable. 

Launching out on my own, with Leah in my back pocket, took the guess work out of solopreneur life. It was so comforting.  

With the course, I was able to log in to the course and get moving. It was so efficient. I could just hit the ground running.

Without it, I would have spent a ton of time cruising Google trying to compile all the info on my own. 

The course helped me streamline my contracts and invoicing process. And it will also give you tips on what to put in your welcome and good bye packages. It's JAM-PACKED with info!

To learn even more about the course, visit Leah's website here. 

Have you taken Leah's course? Do you have any great ideas for streamlining your biz? Leave a comment!



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