Help! Where do I find a contract template that i can send to my clients?

Recently, I shared with you my 3 favorite free tools for getting clients to electronically sign your contacts. But what if you don't already have a contract in place? 

When I got started, I wasn't sure which sections to include my contract. And I didn't know which templates were "good" for freelancers. 

There are definitely a few aspects to your contract that you'll want to be sure to include. A few of those are: 

  • Scope of Work - be as specific as possible here. This will support you if the clients ask you to go "out of scope" and provide extra things without extra compensation.
  • Payment info - this should include things like how much you'll be paid, when it's due, and late fees. 
  • Kill Fee - What happens if the client changes their mind and stops the project? Having a kill fee will entitle you to receive payment for work you've already completed.

These are just a couple of the key aspects to your contract. Here's a great blog post from Freelancer's Union with 5 more things you might need to include. 

So now you know some of the key sections to include in a contract. but where do you find a quality sample contract that you use for your own work? 

Check these out:

1. Bonsai

Bonsai is so simple! You answer a few questions about your biz, your client and the project, and it pumps out a beautiful contract that you can send with a few clicks.

2. freelancers union  

After you create a free account on the site, you'll be able to look through all of their "freelancer resources." A general contract template is available there for download.

3. PandaDoc

PandaDoc has a ton of great templates available. Even ones for sending proposals to clients! This is a great, free resource.* (Oct '17 update: PandaDoc no longer offers a free plan. If you were previously using, you've been grandfathered in, they told me.)

4. Karen Taggart

Karen is an attorney who offers really affordable contracts. She has all the basics covered, including contracts for summits and live events. The reason I love her site is because she offers a bundle - you get FB group support and access to her entire library for one price.

5. Annette Stepanian

This is another paid option. I included this because Annette has some really specific agreements to creatives that might come in handy if that's your niche. 

So there are a few of my favorite places to get contracts. Do you have any sites you'd add to the list? Share below in the comments so we can all learn together!

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