2016 in review: what worked and where I'm headed in 2017


2016 was a really big year for my business. I took a maternity leave, became a Certified ConvertKit Expert and increased my revenue over 2015. 

I thought I’d tell you what worked last year, and share where I’m headed for 2017. 

But first, let me tell you how I got started - in case you’ve never heard my story:

I started freelancing in late 2013 with a few, small projects. Running social media strategy for a political campaign, building a website for a local nonprofit, and doing some grant writing for another. In March 2014, I took on my first virtual assistant clients. And in March 2015, I went full-time in my business.

2016 would be my 2nd year as a full-time small biz owner. Not only was it my 2nd time around, but I also wasn’t pregnant anymore! ;)


My son was born at the end of 2015, so for much of that year I hadn’t been feeling great. That meant I had to limit the time I had for client work and content creation, which just simply limited my income potential.

But I started 2016 as a new mom, ready to grow my biz. And I definitely did!

So here’s what I’m most proud of from 2016:



  • Figured out how to balance baby, biz and childcare!
  • Self-funded a maternity leave (Took 4 weeks, but didn't go back to my full client load until 6 weeks.)
  • Took an actual vacation with my family (1 week in Ocean City, Maryland)


Services & Digital products:



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Here's what worked financially:


Putting $ back into my biz:

Pricing & income:

  • My first month back from maternity, made 25% more in my business than I ever had. 
  • Raised my rates 2 times
  • Nearly doubled my gross income from 2015

Happy surprises:


  • I still did all of this, even with taking maternity leave and another 3-week, self-paid leave in November. (Needed to take this because my son had surgery.)

What I need to improve on for 2017:

  • Reestablish consistency with blogging (I banked 4 months worth of blog posts while I was pregnant. After I ran out of that, I barely blogged last year at all.)
  • Redefining packages and offerings (I’m pivoting on what’s offered, and how I’m offering it)
  • Finalize digital products (I have several eBooks and courses outlined that I just have to bring to paper. Need to just set the time aside and do it!)

I hope this post answers some questions you have about my biz, and what my vision is for 2017. And if I could leave you with one piece of encouragement, it would be to start writing your successes and challenges down. 

I do this every month. I look ahead at the coming month, and set my intentions. And then I review what happened in the month we're leaving behind. It really helps me to stay focused on what matters. If you need help with that, check this out:

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