Plans + Things Planner Review (+ Giveaway!) [CLOSED]

Lately I've been on a productivity purge.  

Spoiler alert: I've finally found the planner I've been looking for.

Over the last few months, I've made a lot of changes. I've switched project management systems (more on that later), and I've overhauled how I keep my to do list going. 

I've been getting rid of the tools that weren't serving me as much anymore, and moving to new systems. Systems thoughtfully designed to work with me, not against me.

One big thing I've been cognizant of during this change was, like I said, to work with my preferences instead of against. But what does that mean?

Working against your preferences could look like:

  • Forcing yourself to use electronic methods when you're a pen and paper gal.
  • or feeling frustrated when you can't stick to a time-blocking schedule, even though you're a parent rocking the (sometimes random!) naptime work sesh.

For me, this was focused around being a visual learner. I wasn't working with how I see my calendar in my head.

Calendars are visual, obviously! But I was struggling to find a calendar that I really could sink my teeth into because they weren't set up how I think.

I needed a planner that brought to life how I was seeing my week planned out in my head. And I've finally found it: Plans + Things!

My friend Christie (from Christie Montague Design), created Plans + Things when she hit a similar problem. She says:

After using so many different planners and never finding the perfect layout, I decided to create one with a flexible layout that I could use in various ways.

And I'm so glad she did! Here's why I love it:

  • The planner I received starts in August. (I love calendars that run with the school year. My husband is a teacher, so his schedule impacts biz decisions, like launches, vacations, etc.)
  • Month tabs let me easily jump ahead!
  • I can see the month-at-a-glance, and it has plenty of blank space for jotting down extra thoughts. 
  • The week is laid out left to right. This is my favorite part. It's so clear-cut and linear to me. It's just how I see my week in my head!

(Something else I love, but haven't used yet: the cover is pocket-style, so you can print your own image and personalize!)

There's only one thing I'm not crazy in this planner: the week starts on Monday, rather than Sunday.

For those of you used to the week starting on Sunday, you'll empathize when I say I've done a lot of crossing out when I realize I've marked things a day late in the month view! But I'm getting used to it!

I'm so glad Christie sent me one of her planners to try out, and I'm even more excited that she's given me one to give away!

If you're ready to snag one of these, and don't want to wait for the giveaway to conclude, click here to buy one now! (Not an affiliate link, just a shout out for a good friend!) 

Otherwise, enter below for a chance to win a planner (+ $10 to Starbucks)!

The fine print:

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