How to set up Your Virtual Assistant Biz in one week

I'm really a believer in just getting things done.

I believe in jumping. With no excuses. I like to just get moving and test my ideas. 

Marie Forleo says that clarity comes from engagement

That means that the only way to know what will work, and how you can get better at something, is to START. Today.

So if you've have hesitations about launching your virtual assistant business, this is for you.

Remember: some things can wait and some aspects of a biz are super urgent. If you start with the urgent things, you'll be able to launch sooner rather than later.

Here are 5 tips to getting up and running in just a few days:



What can you offer? What do you love to do? Which of your skills do entrepreneurs really need from a virtual assistant? What can you 'be the best in the world at' (to quote Jim Collins)? What work have you done in the past? Do you have any certifications/training that your clients should know about? What do you not want to offer? Would you consider offering those things for a short time, until business picks up? (If not, that's OK. You just need to make a call on that.) 

My advice: Pick 3-5 services you'll offer for starters. You can expand or pare down later. 



Businesses need to make money, right? So this is an important part! Solopreneurs and small businesses hiring virtual assistants will have different budgets. So determining your rate is really a part of identifying your ideal client. Do you want to work with solopreneurs who are just starting out? Or, ideally, would you like to serve an established marketing company, for instance? (You'll also need to decide if you want to make these rates public on your site. In my opinion, there's no right answer to this.)

My advice: Don't worry about this to the point that it stops you from launching. You can increase or decrease your rates as you gain more clarity. The goal is to earn a rate that you're comfortable with for starters. 




I tend to think of these as going hand-in-hand, since the contract dictates the amount of the invoice & I send them at the same time! You'll want to get an electronic signature tool in place that will allow you to send your agreements to clients for quick & easy signing. And online accounting tools will allow you to get paid over the internet. This will boost your professional look and decrease the amount of time it takes for you to receive your money!

My advice: Check out HelloSign to start. You'll get 3 free contracts per month and the audit log they'll give you is an extra security measure. If you create a free account through this link, you & I will each get an extra contract!



You're going to need a website to have somewhere to direct potential clients to. Squarespace or Wordpress - it doesn't really matter at this point. But having a professional-looking website, that clearly conveys your services and your value, is a total must.

My advice: Don't worry if you don't have testimonials yet to include on a Praise page. You can collect those as you grow your client base. Communicating your value & experience will help convince clients, just like testimonials will.



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I really believe that focusing on the most important pieces of your biz can help you get moving right away. 

The faster you launch and start finding clients, the sooner you'll learn more about yourself as a biz owner. That means you'll be able to build a biz completely aligned with you. (And you'll also be earning $$!)