It's Easier Than You Think To Integrate ConvertKit and Squarespace (Video Tutorial)


One of the most common ConvertKit questions I get is actually not even a difficult thing at all. 

I'm often asked about the difficulty level of integrating ConvertKit with Squarespace.

It's completely true that, for Wordpress users, the process of integrating ConvertKit is a little bit more seamless. That's because of the CK plugin available to them. But that doesn't make it impossible for those of us on Squarespace!

You can totally master it. Here's how:

1. The most basic way to get your ConvertKit forms on your Squarespace website is to use a Code Block.

So what I'm doing in this vid here, is going into the ConvertKit form and grabbing the line of code. Then I'm just copy and pasting that into a code block in Squarespace. (Building the forms and landing pages themselves will be another blog post.)

Where I use this: For calls to action at the ends of my blog posts, and for freebie pages that I host on my site.

2. You can utilize ConvertKit's landing pages, you just won't host them on your URL like Wordpress users do.

This vid shows the easiest way, for me, to grab the direct URL for a landing page. I build it in ConvertKit, then I click "view" and copy/paste the URL into When I'm logged in, I'm able to create a custom link, like:

(The difference for Wordpress users, is that the ConvertKit plugin lets them host the landing on their URL.)

3. When in doubt, don't be afraid to think outside the box!

You can make even more uses for your ConvertKit opt-in forms, by getting creative.

For starters, think about how you can use direct links. You can link directly to, either, your CK landing pages (see #2), or your Squarespace pages that have simple copy plus an opt-in form (see #1). 

Places on your Squarespace site where you could link directly: 

  • Your announcement bar at the top of your site
  • Buttons inside your blog post, or your blog sidebar

Another thing you could do, would be to add an opt-in box to confirmation page of any of your Squarespace opt-in forms. Like this:

What I did here was: grab the code from the ConvertKit form, and paste it into the Advanced Settings inside the form block on Squarespace. Then, when someone completes your contact form, for instance, they'll be shown your opt-in!


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