How to Create a Fillable PDF


Creating a PDF that’s editable can really come in handy in business. 

I'm often asked by my clients if I can make a fillable form for them. (Or if I can recommend a tool that can help with this.)

Sometimes my clients are looking to create a form that they'll send to clients for intake information.

Most often, though, the clients who want a fillable PDF would like to use it in a free or paid eBook they're offering. (Like this one.)

Whatever the reason you need them, fillable PDFs are pretty popular right now. But sometimes, after chatting with my clients about their needs, I ultimately suggest that they just use a simple online form instead. 

(This is usually in the 1st case - when they want one for client onboarding.)


PDF Escape

This is a really nice, free option in the cloud. You will upload your form and then add editable fields. (You'll be able to choose from things like: text and dropdown.) Then download it and you’re all set!

Adobe Pro

This is my personal favorite and what I use to create fillable PDFs and forms for my clients. I love it because of its ease-of-use and added features. (I can make a paragraph-sized space fillable, for instance - as opposed to just a text field in PDF Escape.) 

If you need a fillable PDF created and you'd rather not DIY - I can help!


Consider: Fillable PDF vs. Online form

Like I said, sometimes I recommend that a client make an online form instead. Having a downloadable form for onboarding can make things a little more complicated than they have to be. Mainly because there tends to be more steps involved. (Lots of emailing and attaching and uploading and downloading...Phew.)

  • If you simply need to collect some client informationJotForm, Google Forms and SurveyMonkey are 3 nice, free options.
  • If you have more intricate needs, or just want to get a little fancy (!), then the upgraded version of Acuity would work well. You can attach a form to your scheduling software - and clients will even be able to upload forms to send to you & pay for their session right there!

No matter which option you go with - as with most things in business - your budget and preferences will determine which tool you use!

How are you using fillable PDFs in your business? Tell me in the comments below - I'd love to hear!