Overwhelmed? Here's the Pros & Cons of 5 Online Scheduling Tools

Does this sound familiar?

A potential client gets in touch with you via your contact form. You read what they've had to say and determine you're a good fit for each other. And then...

You have 3 more back-and-forth emails trying to pick a time to chat that works for both of you. 

This was totally how I was doing business. (All wrong, I might add.)

Since getting a system in place, I've saved a ton of time AND a ton of aggravation on the part of my clients!

There's a more efficient way to move a client from hire form --> consult call --> client. And, personally, I took way too long to figure it out. 

So, to help you out, here's a little comparison of 5 of the most popular tools out there: 


  • Calendly: If you want free, this is a great option in my opinion. Calendly offers a sync with Google Calendar even on the free version, which other free plans, like Acuity, don't. And, honestly, the user interface is just so dang pretty. 

*All 5 of these options have free plans, so be sure to check them out. 


  • ScheduleOnce: I like this one a lot. The interface is basic, no doubt about it. But for about $5/month, you'll get similar features to Calendly or Acuity's paid upgrade for less. I like that you can: customize the schedule page; auto-sync with Google Calendar; customize email notifications to clients; and that clients are prompted to view my available times in their timezone. (I used to use this one and only switched because I was able to list multiple appointment types on Acuity for less money.)
  • Doodle: This is a really great option if you're trying to find a time that works for 2+ people. Doodle lists everyone's name & then allows them all to choose the slots that are convenient for them. It makes group coordination a breeze. (We used this once when we had an in-person meet up of One Woman Shop members!)


  • Calendly: If you're not using the free version, this one will cost you around $8/month. You get extra features for that, too, like customized email notifications & white labeling.
  • AcuityThis is a really robust tool, so it's a fav for a lot of people. You can integrate intake forms and clients can pay you right through your calendar! It starts at $10/month, but it's really easy to set up & start using. (I've established this tool for several clients. If you'd like to see my scheduling page, click here.)
  • VCita: This is the most expensive option on the list. But starting at under $13/month, it's not outlandish, either. It's a unique tool because you can have a calendar or a contact form pop up from the bottom of your screen. I really like the way it looks, too. 

What are you using to schedule with your clients? These tools or something else? Tell me below!

P.S.: Getting an eScheduler in place is another one of those fancy tips I learned in Stress Less & Impress. Want to learn more? Check it out!

This post contains an affiliate link and I get commissions made from purchases made at that link. I only recommend products and services that I truly believe in and that have helped me grow my business.