10 Apps I Use in My Business Every Day


Tools and apps.

I love talking about my favorites, and I definitely love testing the latest ones to be released. (It's a mild obsession.)

Because of that, I'm often asked, by clients and other business owners, which tools I'm really loving right now for my own business. Even though it can be tough to narrow it down, I decided to focus in and share.

Here are the 10 tools that I use every day in my business: 


  • Slack - I use Slack to communicate several clients and teams I'm a part of. We have a lot of projects we collaborate on, so we create different channels to organize our thoughts. 
  • Skype - This is the app I usually use to hold my client meetings. It's such an easy choice, since even my less tech savvy clients have heard of it and have it installed on their machines.
  • Acuity - This one is such a life-saver. (And it's a tip I learned from Leah Kalamakis.) My Acuity calendar is in my email signature, and it's embedded on the confirmation page after a potential client fills out my hire form. This is helpful because current clients are able to just click my sig, and grab a time slot that works for them. And potential clients just submit their info, and their meeting request all at once. (No back and forth emails!)


  • Google Apps - Where to even begin? In my biz, I use: Gmail, Docs, Sheets and Drive...every. single. day. It helps me stay organized, visual my goals and keep track of just about everything. (Here's a post that goes into more detail about how I use Google Sheets, specifically.)
  • Azendoo - I switched to Azendoo from Asana for my project management system a few months. It has such a clean user interface, and I find my clients really like that. I plan to write more soon about Azendoo, since it's a lesser known option, and the reasons behind my switch. 
  • PandaDoc - I use PandaDoc to send contracts to clients for eSignatures. I love that it's totally free (for the features I need), and that I can upload templates. That makes the client onboarding process so much quicker! (Sign up with this link to get 3 FREE docs!)

Social Media:

  • Meet Edgar - I'm really loving Edgar's library feature right now. It makes it so easy to reshare my highest performing content, and it takes away the stress of having to plan an entire month's worth of content. Now I just do monthly maintenance, where I add new posts and remove the ones that aren't converting. It's a lot simpler. 
  • Grum - I love this Instagram scheduler, because I don't have to deal with push notifications to get the posts out! This interface is so simple to use, and you can even add a "first comment" from right inside the app. I offer this as a freebie for all of my social media clients, which they really love! 



  • Wave - I'm a Wave super fan. I use this for invoicing and bookkeeping, and it's totally free. It's super intuitive, pumps out professional-looking invoices, and the payments process quickly. (I use Payments by Wave, and it has the same processing fees as the other guys!)


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