How to customize the blog feed on the Bedford template in Squarespace


A few months ago, I started seeing a lot of activity surrounding one blog post. 

All of a sudden - tons of blog comments. Emails, every week! And I even booked discovery calls from people who read the post. 

I found out, eventually, that the post had landed on page 1 search results in Google for search terms like "squarespace templates."

But this post isn't about SEO or anything like that. It's just a simple video, answering the #1 question I've heard from this blog. Which was, basically: "How'd you do that?" ;)

Watch and see. Hope it helps!


I've had a few questions about where I place my blog graphics. If you put the image in the thumbnail field (inside the Options tab), your graphic will show up in your post as a banner image. Instead, I place mine as a featured block at the top of my post. (Featured blocks, for templates that support them, just mean that the first block inside the post is emphasized.) Watch me do this here:

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