"Baby Proofing" Lesson 2: Automation

I shared Baby Proofing Lesson 1 a few weeks ago

And I blogged about how I switched my business model to (mostly) retainer-based work, and what I learned in the process. 

So now I'm here with lesson 2! How I'm automating my business!

As solopreneurs, it's always important to unload recurring tasks from our to do lists. This helps manage workflow and clears your brain of all those extra things. 

I've blogged before on how I use automation in my biz. But I still found a few more ways I couldn't tighten up my schedule! Here they are:

1) Recurring Invoices

You know that I use Wave to manage my bookkeeping. (And I love it!) When I switched from one-offs to retainers, in preparation for my boy, I was able to start using the recurring invoice feature.

Previously, my invoices were different each month. (That's different amounts AND different clients!) The retainer means the invoice will be the same most months, so I'm able to set them once and forget

Here's what it looks like inside Wave


P.S: I already was using Wave's built in auto-reminder feature, where clients are reminder if invoices are coming due. I am still using that feature, as well, to make the process fully automated.

2) ScheduleOnce

ScheduleOnce was already in my tool belt. I use it to let prospective clients book discovery calls with me after completing my hire form.

What I've done now is added it to my email signature.

This helps when current clients need to book a meeting with me outside of our normal, recurring meetings. The two of us aren't tied to the inbox in a string of emails trying to find the perfect time. They can just go to my calendar & pick an available time that works for them. 

I was already a big fan of ScheduleOnce, but I hadn't been using it in this way. It really solved the back-and-forth for me, and made the process a lot quicker for my clients

3) My Dad

That's right. :) 

My dad has an irregular work schedule. (He's a firefighter.) 

He offered to watch the baby one day a week, so I can have some uninterrupted work time. (And, um...he gets uninterrupted baby time. Don't let him fool you!)

Even though Grandpa-Baby Day will be different each week, I'll be able to count on that one day of childcare. So I'm planning to employ my fav - batch processing!

I'm already brainstorming on what tasks I'll save for that day; those things that are too hard to finish if you're interrupted while working on them. Plus, I'll certainly schedule client meetings that day, if need be.


What automations are you putting in place to prep for your little one?