6 Introverted Biz Owners Talk on Accountability

A few weeks ago, I wrote about how I built my biz around my introverted tendencies.

I heard a ton of feedback in the comments and on Facebook.

The thing that resonated the most with people was what I wrote about accountability. 

I mentioned in that post that I find accountability in my virtual coworking group.

Since it was of such interest, here's a little more info on how it works:

There are about 15-20 of us who come in and out of our 2 rooms throughout the day. (Since Google Hangouts limits the space to 10 people, we have a 2nd Overflow room.) 

We work with our mics muted throughout the hour. Then we unmute at the top of the hour to check in. 

These folks are so helpful to me it's unbelievable! They have become my confidants and my friends. 

Since the accountability piece resonated so much with all of you, I wanted to bring you some more ideas!

I decided to poll some of my introverted business friends on their tips for accountability. 

Here are a few of the top ideas they gave:

1) Consider a coach

"I work with a business monthly, which helps for the "big fear" items likes sales calls or anything else nerve wracking." Lora, LoraFrost.com

"I work with a business coach who's changed the game for me." Sara F., OneWomanShop.com

"I work one-on-one with a business coach and make sure to tell her my intentions so she can check up on me." Kelly, EkceteraDesign.com

"My productivity coach phones me weekly to check on my progress/completion of the previous week's goals (and to set new ones)." Sara M., WeAreTheTreasureHunters.com

2) Join a group of like-minded folks

"I have a personal virtual accountability situation set up with four friends from high school (they are all across the country). This has been highly helpful when my introverted self is having a difficult time in second-guessing the following through of a goal." Vicky, JournalMeHealthy.com

"I have a paid mastermind coaching group that I facilitate. Being in charge means I have to show up. With a very high "show up" ethic - that right there is huge "built in" accountability." Helene, HeleneScott.com

3) Find the right tools for you

"I try to keep it simple, but can't live without email, my phone, AsanaFB Groups, and Google Hangouts." Kelly

"FB Messenger and Google Calendar to keep the schedule in check." Vicky

"I use SkypeZoomEvernoteHangouts, the phone." Lora

"FB Groups, Skype, Google everything! (Docs, Gchat, Hangouts, etc)." Sara F.

4) Knowing your why will keep you accountable

"The biggest accountability I have is my calendar and my commitment to myself. I'm ultra hard on myself, so if I set out to accomplish something, I know I'll be disappointed if I don't meet my deadlines." Kelly

"Recently I had a significant shift when I finally decided to actively commit to my own well-being and creativity. After all, cliched as it is, I can't serve anyone effectively without those two attributes." Sara M. 

"My accountability is my children & contributing to my family. My accountability is me. There is nothing else in the world I'd want to do. Being a business & brand coach to women entrepreneurs as they're navigating their own journey in creating a business that's in total alignment with them is exactly what I want to be doing." Helene

I'm so glad these folks took the time to help me bring some new ideas to you. I hope you've found some nuggets in here!