5 Ways I Use Google Sheets to Organize My Biz

I'm having a love affair with Google Sheets right now. (+ Google Docs!)

I've recently switched a lot of my biz records over to the cloud via Sheets & Docs. It's been a lifesaver for organization. (I know some of you can relate to that crazy desktop, overloaded with a ton of files, right?)

This has been super helpful because:

  1. View the docs on the mobile app if I'm away from my computer. 
  2. Cooperate with clients & share data without having to worry if we're looking at the same/latest version. 
  3. Have a built in backup in case something happens to my laptop (like, it gets stolen or crashes)

It's been incredibly helpful to get my clients moving in that direction. (If we're looking at the doc simultaneously, we can actually see the changes happening live!) I've used this with them for everything from organizing metadata for podcast episodes to project planning.

So, here's what I've been (re)organizing in Sheets

1) Promo schedule

Like you, I'm sure, I have a few fav Facebook groups for entrepreneurs that I frequent throughout the week. I love the conversations I have there, but they each have their own schedules for promo days; when to share blog posts; etc. I created a list that lists the day of the week at the top and the promo opportunities underneath. Then I'm sure to link up when I have something to share. It's a nice balance to the 'giving' I do throughout the week with help & tips for other entrepreneurs in the groups. 

2) Blog post ideas

I have a Google Doc that keeps a running list of all the blog post ideas I have floating around in my head. I organize them by topic or CTA (Call to Action). That way, I can know at one glance, for example, which posts would pitch a particular service I'm offering. I also jot down ideas for new opt-ins I could create that would fit well with those post ideas. 

3) Affiliate info

This is a huge help to me. This Sheet lists the name of the affiliate program at the left and then gives all the appropriate info in columns to the right. I include things like: affiliate dashboard login info; affiliate links; commission info; and special dates to remember. It's super convenient to have one place to go to - rather than having to login to each dashboard every time I want that info. 

4) Click to Tweets

I keep a running log of Click to Tweets (CTT) I've created to spread the word about my blog posts or services. This has been super handy for easy sharing (especially for Facebook group link ups) and when I'm scheduling my social posts for the month. The Sheet has 3 columns: the CTT's category (like Baby Proofing or Squarespace); the text of the Tweet; and the CTT link. Then I just copy/paste & I'm ready to go!

5) Tax info

I don't know about you, but if I only do something a couple times a year I tend to forget all the steps involved in the time in between. Because of that, I found myself scrambling for the same info every time I needed to connect with my accountant at quarterly tax time. (What date are they due? Which reports do I need to send again?) Perfect example: Wave, the software I use for bookkeeping, for some reason uses the term Income Statement instead of the common name, Profit & Loss Statement. So I would find myself Googling how to generate my P&L in Wave each time I was ready to send my info to my CPA. I finally made a succinct list of exactly what I need and it has made tax time a breeze. 


I want to hear from you! How do you organize your biz? Sheets? Docs? A good, old-fashioned spiral notebook? Spill it in the comments below!


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