4 Affordable Ways to Thank Your Clients


December tends to be that time of year when we take extra steps to acknowledge the special people in our lives.

But who says who can't do that all year long?!

Saying thanks will obviously show your gratitude for their business. Not only that, though, a small token can go a long way towards making your clients feel great after working with you.  (And that's what we really want, right?!)

For a lot of small business owners, like you and me, cost & sustainability are crucial considerations. Here are 4 ways that really work for me when I want to thank my clients: 


This is a really simple, but special, way to go the extra mile for your clients. And it's the one I use most often. I have a collection of special notecards that I love. But I also purchased personalized postcards that I use most often. (I always get mine at VistaPrint. They run shares fairly regularly and it's a really good value.)

I also send postcards at the end of the year. This can be especially helpful for those solopreneurs with one-off projects.

It puts you back in front of a client you haven't spoken to in a few months and reminds them how much they enjoyed working with you! :)

And I nearly fell out of my chair with joy when my friend, Jill, at SparkandInfluence.com showed me the cards she sent to her clients this year:


Aren't they so cute?! #literallycanteven. (She picked them up at Minted.)


This one will work if you have a client that you totally believe in. When you're writing a post, throw in links or shout outs to your clients whose work applies to what you're sharing with your readers. It's a win-win for both of you.


This is a super easy way to tell your clients how much you value the work they're doing. Whether they're a copywriter, a web developer, or a virtual assistant - you can send new folks their way when the fit is right. It helps them expand their business and it will make them love you even more!


I tell first-time clients, who booked me for a one-off, that they'll receive 10% their next project with me. Depending on your business model, this one may or may not work for you. But get creative & think about how it can work for you. Do you have digital products that you could offer a coupon code for, for instance? Maybe you can give a special discount just to the folks in your mastermind? The sky's the limit!

Do you use these methods to thank your clients, or do you do it another way? Tell me in the comments below!

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