How to Prep Your Biz for Maternity Leave

It took a lot of energy to prepare for maternity leave.

I am taking a full month off (as is my husband). So it was really important to us to prepare as much as possible ahead of time (for life & business!), so that we could just enjoy this time together. 

We prepped our home life (hello Roomba and freezer cooking!) and I prepped my recurring biz tasks, like blogging. I also worked ahead with my clients to be sure their work was completed, scheduled and ready to go!

So, here are my 3 main suggestions for how to ensure you're as prepared for maternity leave as possible:


When I started to prepare for maternity, I turned to my fav - Google Sheets! :) I created a Google Sheet called Maternity To Do List. In the left column, I wrote the task type (like Social or Blogging). Then in the next 2 columns I specified what needed to get done - and left a space to mark when it was complete. This was especially helpful on those days when I was dealing with a bit of pregnant fog. Rather than worry that I forgot something, I just popped open my list to take a look. 


Whenever we take some time to work ahead, it's always worth it. I wrote enough blog posts to cover the month I was on maternity and I prescheduled them, so they auto-posted every week. I also planned out my social media posts (sharing my blogs) and scheduled those in Hootsuite. Having this done freed me up to be able to communicate in real-time when I was able - without stress.


In order to really start some focused time working on my biz, I decided to block out my Fridays for the fall. Throughout the week, I would jot things in my planner that I wanted to focus on & knock out before baby came (Write a blog post about ___; Call the CPA to ask ___). Then I held myself to focusing just on that list when Friday came. 

As for "respect time", here's what I mean: when you unplug for maternity leave, really do it! My goals were to bond, rest and relax. So when baby came, I owed it to myself and my family to honor that.

How did you prepare to take a leave from your biz? Leave a comment - I want to hear from you!

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