My Productivity "Secret Weapon"

Be honest. Sometimes it's hard to keep focused when you work alone.

Distractions a-plenty: Twitter. Candy Crush. Dance Party. (You know you do.)

Because of that, I try really hard to keep myself on task. I set timers, I plan my workday the night before AND...I block out the noise...Well, not quite. That's just what I thought I was doing.

Before I found Coffitivity, I was under the impression that playing classical music or nature sounds kept noise out. But, come to find out, I actually needed the exact opposite

Coffitivity is a site (and an app!) that plays the "ambient noise" of a coffee shop nonstop. Why? Because:

(The research here being a University of Chicago study.)

Before Coffitivity, I knew background noise was helping me focus, but I didn't know why. As I read the study in more depth, I found this nugget:

"...which activates abstract cognition and consequently enhances creative performance."

Basically that means that low levels of "ambient noise" activate the part of our brains that thinks about relationships and ideas. And in those moments, you have, what Coffitivity calls, an AHA moment. 

(Just a note: if noise is too loud it will have the opposite impact.)

So if our moments of genius and clarity come to us when we're a little bit preoccupied - then I say to you: may you ever be distracted. ;)