A Few Reasons Why I Love Wave

I'm asked a lot about what system I use for invoicing. 

I get this question often from fellow solopreneurs and virtual assistants - even from some of my clients after they see their invoices. So, I decided to finally to lay it all out there...

I use Wave. There's a lot that I love about it, but here are a few of my fav things: 

  • MOST IMPORTANTLY --> No monthly cost! (You only pay if you use their upgraded Payroll feature.)

  • No limit to number of invoices or clients
  • Reports that make my accountant happy :)
  • Set auto-reminders for my invoices
  • Mobile App just reads my receipts & auto-populates the info (P.S: Smartypants peeps call this Optical Character Recognition)
  • Low transaction fees

And here's what I wish it had:

  • Integrated time tracking

For me, the most important thing when I was first choosing my invoicing software was cost. So I was able to compromise on the time tracker, which I know the other tools have. (If I'm working on a project that is not package-based, I use Slim Timer's free tracker to get this done.) And, who knows? Maybe they'll add it one day! (wink, wink.)

I'm also really happy with the invoicing. Here's how it works: my clients receive an email with a link that leads them to pay right online. A payment field pops out from the side and they just enter their credit card info. I absolutely LOVE the look of the interface! And like I said - I often get an email after a client has paid asking me what the system was. (Because they were just so impressed!) :)

(A little tip: Wave runs a webinar every month that will walk you through the basics of the system. You can sign up here.)

Listen, in the interest of full disclosure (and harmony), I have to say: at the end of the day, I don't think it matters which tool you use as much as it matters that you use one! Why? Because...

So, go ahead - drop me a note below & tell me which system do you use?