A Unique Way to Guest Post (Instagram!)

I tried something new today.

I guest posted in a way that was totally new for me - an Instagram takeover! (On One Woman Shop's Instagram, to be exact!) 

The rules were simple.

Post a handful of images that show what my day is like as a woman business ownerThat's easy, I thought. I figured it wouldn't be a problem - just a chance to reflect on my day. Maybe I'd even meet a few new people. I can definitely say I didn't expect it to be as F-U-N as it was - and I was pleasantly surprised with the experience. 

Since it's basically Solopreneur Rule #1 that we be ready for anything - I decided to start writing this post while it was happening. Just my immediate thoughts & reactions to taking the #onewomanshopbaton. (And I'm posting this the same day!) :)

So, by the numbers, here's what this guest post looked like*: 

These figures are from the time I posted my first image until I the moment I signed off with my last.

  • 9 photos guest posted on the One Woman Shop instagram
  • 165 'hearts' & 54 comments

I also had new people: follow me on Instagram & Twitter; opt-in to my mailing list; and fill out my "Work With Me" form!

What I learned:

  1. You'll meet more people than you'd think: I definitely didn't expect to meet (and chat with) so many new people. (Especially since I had pretty much convinced myself that no one was going to comment on my pics!) And I really didn't anticipate my heart feeling so full by the end of the day! I'm glad for the folks that took the step to follow me so we can stay in touch! 
  2. Your 'engagement prediction meter' might be a little 'off': You know how it is - we know how to build out an editorial calendar & get results for our clients. But when it comes to ourselves (social media, blog posts), sometimes we just end up surprised! The pics with what I thought was 'commonplace' actually got some of the most engagement...

The posts that ended up with the highest # of likes & comments were things that just feel super normal to me - my desk, my french press & my virtual coworking group, for instance.

^And that's why i think this works so well! Because...

And pictures (especially of your home!) are an incredibly intimate way to achieve that.

So, want to get in on this? (Details below!)

I'm so glad that i was able to share my thoughts (and my day!) with you! Thanks for stopping by!