4 Ways to Add a Notification Bar to Your Website

Notification Bars. What are they & why do you need one?

A notification bar is an opt-in reminder that sits at the top of your website:

  1. They give you an obvious (and non-pushy way) to tell visitors about a product or service your promoting.
  2. Plus, they are an easy way for folks to just type in their email and get your content delivered to their inbox. 

If you'd like to add a bar to your site, but aren't sure how - here are 4 easy (+ free!) options for you: 

1) SumoMe

SumoMe calls their's the Smart Bar. If you're on Wordpress, you can install the SumoMe plugin. Otherwise, you'll just paste code into your website's header. (If you're using Sqaurespace, for instance.) 

2) HelloBar

HelloBar is another great option. When you hit Create New, you're able to create opt-ins based on your goal. It can be to sell a new product, have people opt-in, or you can create a custom goal! Like with most products, the free version will keep the HelloBar branding on your bar. Here's the link to the Wordpress plugin if you're on that platform. 

3) MailMunch

MailMunch has free and paid options. The free option basically limits you to 1 website only. But it is still a great option. You can choose various opt-in forms, in addition to the Top Bar - as they call it. Just like SumoMe, you can install the Wordpress plugin or insert the code in your header. 

4) Squarespace's Bar

If your site is built on Squarespace, you can use the internal Announcement Bar. On Squarespace 7, select Design from your left navigation menu. Then select Announcement Bar. Type in what you want the bar to say and, if you'd like, a URL you want to link to. 

Be sure you've selected Enable Announcement Bar from the dropdown menu. And then you're all set! And just like the rest of your Squarespace site, the Announcement Bar is mobile-optimized.

Have you seen an increase in opt-ins after adding a bar to your site? Let me know below!